Our Product - Beaver Creek Coffee, Transkei Gold

Our Product - Beaver Creek Coffee, Transkei Gold

In my blog posts today I am introducing Beaver Creak Coffee to you. They too have been carefully chosen to keep our motto for the shop in mind - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer. 

A Coffee Company

Beaver Creek is situated inland from the coastal town of Port Edward on the far south Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. 

The story of Beaver Creek Coffee - is the story of their family– three generations of coffee growers who have been calling Beaver Creek Estate home. It’s here that the world’s southernmost coffee growing plantation is found and the region lends itself to excellent coffee-growing conditions and one in which their Arabica cultivar flourishes. The Coffee Estate and Coffee Company was established in 1984 and the family is actively involved in the harvesting, processing, roasting, packing and selling of their much loved coffee.

They grow their own South African Coffee (Estate Reserve) and also import from other African countries and from South America.

Over the years they have mastered four different and unique roastery blends which have become very popular. These include Espresso Blend, Ed’s Blend, Transkei Gold and House Blend. These are roasted three ways – Mild, Medium and Bold. Roasted on site our coffee consists of the freshest Arabica and comes freshly ground or as beans for home grinding.

Coffee of Origin – what is that all about? 

Just as the ‘Wine of Origin’ term is used in the wine trade, so coffee producers the world over have adopted the ‘Coffee of Origin’ qualifier to identify their product as coming from a specific area, unlike blended coffees which could come from, well, anywhere. 

Their Beaver Creek coffee is single origin, a claim that can be experienced in the unique taste and aroma of the Estate Reserve. 

The Beaver Creek Estate is a very popular tourist destination and they have thousands of visitors annually who join their daily crop to cup coffee tour, which outlines the processes involved in making and brewing coffee. The tour ends with a bottomless coffee tasting in our coffee shop. Also found on the property is the Estate Cafe which serves delicious meals and a range of freshly roasted coffee all day long. The Estate Cafe is open daily from 8 am till 4 pm everyday and is closed only on Christmas Day. Bookings for the daily 'crop to cup' farm tour are essential so please contact them directly.  info@beavercreek.co.za or +27 (0) 39 3112347




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