Our Product - Bee Wild Honey

Bee Wild Honey

In my blog post today I am introducing Bee Wild Honey to you. They too have been specifically chosen to keep in line with our motto - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

The owner of Bee Wild Honey, Kevin Simpson initially started beekeeping as a hobby. The idea was to establish some hives on their smallholding in the Elandskraal area of Knysna, as a means of generating some income through the sale of honey. He now has more than 170 of his own and other managed hives scattered across Franschhoek, Stanford, Cape Peninsula and the Garden Route.

In 2017 the Elandskraal farm was destroyed by fire and unfortunately, so too 10 of his most productive hives in the destruction that followed. The fire was followed by a severe drought in 2017 and devastating fires in Franschhoek in 2019. Whilst non of the hives were lost during that fire, much of valuable forage for the bees was lost. It was soon evident that beekeeping in South Africa, was challenging and draining. To this day the biggest challenge remains finding safe, secure and suitable sites for their bees.

In 2018 we started pollinating for growers in the Ceres, Wellington and Robertson areas. This has grown tremendously as fruit growers increase plantings by as much as 95% over a 5-year period.

Bee Wild Honey is available in 3 distinct flavours, namely Wild Blossom, Eucalyptus and Fynbos. When placing your order with us, please use the 'Leave a note with your order' section to request the specific flavour you prefer. Do to the seasonality, we might not always have your desired flavour in stock. 

Wild Blossom

This flavour of honey is due to our bees foraging on wildflowers during certain times of the year. If you enjoy a subtle taste of honey, then this is the one for you. 


Our bees use the surrounding Eucalyptus trees of Stanford and Plettenberg Bay to create a unique honey for you to enjoy. 


Unique to the Western Cape, the Fynbos Honey is one of a kind. Enjoy a delicate balance of subtle flavours from their Franschhoek and Stanford apiaries. 


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