Our Product – Dolcezze Cheese Straws

Our Product – Dolcezze Cheese Straws

In today’s blog posts I focus on Dolce Foods out in Greyton and home of the amazing Dolcezze Cheese Straws. They too have been carefully chosen, keeping in mind our motto for the shop - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

Dolcezze Cheese Straws

Dolce Foods is home to the well-known Dolcezze Cheese Straws and run buy husband & wife team Anna and Marcello Elisabettini. Their small factory is situated in the little town of Greyton which rests in a valley basin surrounded by mountains and rolling Wheat and Canola fields.

It all started out in 1995 when Anna made a batch of Cheese Straws for the Christmas holidays in preparation of family and friends visiting. This so that they could have some nibbly bits to share over a glass of wine and good conversation. At the time Marcello was a distributor of snacks, so they decided to make a few extra packets of ‘Straws’ and handed them out to see what the reaction / feedback from the store managers and shopkeepers would be. And as they say - the rest is history. 

Anna has painstakingly perfected the recipe using sun-ripened South African wheat and only natural ingredients to create a real taste sensation! Dolcezze Cheese Straws are all cut and twisted by hand, so do not be surprised if not all the straws are the same.

Originally, and for several years, Dolcezze Cheese Straws were distributed to only a few selected deli stores and farm stalls in and around Cape Town. This mainly due to the limited production facility at their home. Dolcezze Cheese straws were well received by both shop owners and consumers. The idea to turn Dolcezze Cheese Straws into a South African national brand was shared with family friend, Bernard Immelman. The idea took a few years to mature but with Bernard’s enthusiasm and considerable input a small, dedicated baking factory, large enough to cope with anticipated demand was set up.


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