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Continuing with my series of blog posts, I introduce to you today FruitLips from the Piket-Bo-Berg. This small fruit-processing factory has been carefully chosen, keeping my motto for the shop in mind - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

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Liebré Jacobs and her partners Elouise Josephs and Deidré Eigelaar established FruitLips in February 2014 and positioned the business by establishing people, markets, finance, and infrastructure. They saw an opportunity in the market to connect people, fruit, and business in the Piket-Bo-Berg area.

The small fruit-processing factory uses unmarketable or second-rate fruits with impairments from the region and turns them into everything from mouth-watering jams and marmalade's to piquant chutney’s and braai sauces. The focus is to create fresh, hand-made jams while retaining the highest quality of standards. The aim of FruitLips is to infuse this bespoke product with the re-energizing and tranquil feeling the mountains give in every bite of the homemade jam.

Slowly and painstakingly, Liebré, Deidré and Elouise are growing FruitLips into a solid business. Their prime objective is to create jobs for an energetic and positive group of people. Not only is FruitLips creating sustainable jobs but also building accountable citizens.

FruitLips is an ecologically full-circle company that recycles water to use in the herb and vegetable gardens. The peels and pips of the fruit are used, and the fruit off-cuts are turned into biological fertilizer by using red earthworms.

The artisan products of FruitLips are for the refined foodies and “lekkerbekke”. Initiative and new concepts are the drive, creating vibrant new fruit-related products.



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