Our Product – KhoiSan Sea Salt

Khoisan Sea Salt available at Country Pantry

In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to Khoisan SeaSalt of Khoisan Trading another product found in Country Pantry. All have been carefully chosen, keeping in mind my motto for the shop - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

KhoiSan Sea Salt available at Country Pantry

Khoisan produces a mineral-rich, pure and natural unrefined sea salt which is hand harvested in the traditional manner. Khoisan Trading Company was established in 1994 and is owned and managed by the Schrauwen family.  It all started in 1991 when Yntze Schrauwen, of the Velddrif Salt Works, designed and laid out the pilot scheme for the salt pans. After three years of extensive research and planning he successfully achieved results when the first sea salt crystals were harvested.

Initially his wife, Joan Schrauwen, packaged these sea salt crystals for sale in her Velddrif Gallery and as a result of the demand for Khoisan Sea Salt their daughter, Britt Geach, ventured further and reached a wider distribution by trading at craft markets and farm stalls.  The business grew further and expanded into small and the larger retail stores.  At the inspiration provided by Joan, a flavoured range of Sea Salt was introduced in addition to the natural sea salt range which has also proven to be successful.

Khoisan Trading exclusively employs people from the local community which is an ongoing investment and upliftment for the area which is suffering economically due to cutbacks in the fishing industry.

The company is based in Velddrif, a small fishing village which has become a popular destination for tourists to the Western Cape, offering an abundant species of bird life for enthusiastic bird watchers, as well as fishing, sailing and a beautiful environment with a spectacular showcase of veld flowers in Spring.

The Atlantic Ocean source of sea salt is free from the effects of heavy industry, with the Benguela current coming from the Antarctic. The pristine 400-year-old brine is pumped from an underground seawater lake (aquifer) at the Velddrif Salt Works, on the shores of St. Helena Bay, where the sea water filters through beds of sand and shell providing additional calcium.  This pure unpolluted brine has a most distinctive and memorable taste. The brine is then pumped into a series of pans where the salt concentration increases as it moves from pan to pan and once the water has evaporated it is then harvested by hand.

Country Pantry has the following KhoiSan Sea Salt products available for purchase:

  • KhoiSan Coarse Sea Salt Grinder
  • KhoiSan Coarse Sea Salt & Seaweed Grinder
  • KhoiSan Fine Sea Salt Shaker
  • KhoiSan Spicy Grill Sea Salt Shaker
  • KhoiSan Tomato & Olive Sea Salt Shaker
  • KhoiSan Black Pepper Sea Salt Shaker
  • KhoiSan Seaweed & Herb Sea Salt Shaker


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