Our Product – Rootstock Vegi Crisps

Rootstock Vegi & Potato Crisps available at Country Pantry

Continuing with my series of blog posts, I introduce to you Rootstock Vegi Crisps from the Stellenbosch area. They, like all other products have been carefully chosen, keeping with the motto of Country Pantry - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

Rootstock Vegi & Potato Crisps available at Country Pantry

Home of unique, authentic, and healthier snacks.

Rootstock produces tasty vegetable and potato crisps, handmade in small batches, taking into consideration seasonality and the impact on the environment. They live by an undying optimism, choosing to cherish (and chew on) what is good. Believing that South Africans deserve a healthy and environmentally conscious snack to complement every braai and ball game. For this reason, they have carefully thought through every step of the process – from root to table.

Crafting quality, artisanal snacks is a hands-on process that involves sourcing the freshest ingredients by building relationships with growers and farmers alike. Three different root vegetables are used for the Vegi Crisps namely carrots, beetroot, and of course sweet potato. This allows them production of the favourite snack year-round – using more of one than the other depending on seasonal availability.

The Rootstock team trims, washes and sorts vegetables by hand. The vegetables are then cut and fried in small batches, before being dried to lock in the natural flavour. During the drying process, the crisps are seasoned by hand, ensuring the perfect flavour balance. Crisps are sorted, packed, sealed, labelled, and sent on their way to delight peckish snack-lovers all over the country.

Rootstock and their community-growers’ initiative emerged out of a vision to encourage a sustainable culture in local communities. It is a way to empower workers from the surrounding farms. Rootstock provides farm workers with sweet potato shoots and the knowledge needed for a bountiful harvest. A local farmer provides land, equipment, and water for irrigation. All of this has enabled these farm workers to grow their own, top-quality sweet potatoes and come harvest time, Rootstock buys the fresh vegetables at market-related prices. The unexpected upshot of this initiative is that the farm workers now manage their own thriving vegetable gardens which feeds and nourishes their families and surrounding community.


At the Country Pantry we stock the following Rootstock products:

  • Seasonal Vegi Crisps
  • Potato Crisps, various flavours
  • Old Orchard Dried Mango Strips (new product from Rootstock)


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