Our Product – Zest Gourmet Foods

Our Product – Zest Gourmet Foods

In today’s blog posts I focus on Zest Gourmet Foods and Artisan Delicacies. They have a wonderful range of speciality foods and artisan delicacies and are not shy to try new flavour combinations. They too have been carefully chosen, keeping in mind our motto for the shop - supporting local farmers, small businesses and the home cooks who have a great product to offer.

Welcome to our world of Cape Artisan Delicacies!

Zest Gourmet Foods is a small and dedicated team, who genuinely love authentic and imaginative food, full of flavour. To them, food is all about high quality ingredients which have been sustainable sourced. Jo the owner enjoys using unusual ingredients native to the Cape region and with her new creations inspire both locals and visitors.

Jo started the business quite accidentally in 1998 after a friend recommended her Sweet & Sour Pepper jelly to an acquaintance who ran a boutique cheesery. Her earliest memory of that first order was purchasing the bottles needed for packaging. After timidly asked how many units would comprise a minimum order; thinking that if there were too many, she could always give them away as gifts, she was sternly told ‘they are only available in cases of 24’.

The first order comprised of 12, quickly replaced by a further 12, then 18, then 24. Customers then asked for a hotter version and so Sweet & Sour Peppers with Chilli was born.

Many years later, she still jokes with that same bottle supplier, telling him that she is working on her first truck load!

Jo slowly came to realize that she can visualize and dream up flavours, then experiment, and ultimately create something new. All those years ago she wrote…

Zest for Life!
Wake up those taste buds!
Have fun experimenting – we do.
Get creative – do not be scared to try something new.
We love complimentary flavours: amazing, delectable, delicious, and so satisfying.


Over the years, she and her amazing team have built up a range of products for foodies and chefs alike where flavour, aroma, colour and texture become important components of their range.


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