'Smoked Kelp Gull' Gruyere style cheese

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Artisan Cheese made by Kokerboom Kaas in Velddrif - Western Cape.

Wedges of Cheese will be between 180g and 200g.

A favourite for any cheese & charcuterie board! The 'Smoked Kelp Gull' is a delicious Gruyere type cheese and named after local creatures and flora of Velddrif. It has a firm, creamy texture and smoked for 2 hours, just long enough to give it a nice smoky taste. The cheese is made using only the best 100% Golden Guernsey milk, sourced directly from the area.

  • All cheeses must be tightly wrapped in foil after removing from vac-pac.
  • Cheeses may be a little damp when removing from vac-pac. Leave open in the fridge for a few hours to dry, if desired - otherwise they are ready to eat.
  • If exposed to air in the fridge, the cheese may darken - as if bruised. This does not mean your cheese is bad!

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