Onion & Ginger Marmalade, 260ml

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Gimme Moore is a small artisanal kitchen that specialises in PRESERVATIVE, MSG & GLUTEN FREE pantry goods. Their bacon products are WOOD-SMOKED & FREE-RANGE. All products are HAND-CRAFTED with LOVE.

Fresh ginger has been used to to give a much loved old-timer some spicy kick and a dah of aromatics. is refreshingly honest, and pairs well with With sweet onion and coriander seeds, it is the perfect balance of complex flavours. The Onion & Ginger Marmalade pairs with goat's cheese, on burgers, with steak or in a chicken casserole. Ideal for any charcuterie board or cheese platter. Everyone will love you for it.

Ingredients:  Onion, fresh ginger, fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar, sugar, salt & other spices.

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