Rootstock Vegi & Potato Crisps available at Country Pantry

Our Product – Rootstock Vegi Crisps

Rootstock produces tasty vegetable and potato crisps, handmade in small batches, taking into consideration seasonality and the impact on the environment. They live by an undying optimism, choosing to cherish (and chew on) what is good. Believing that South Africans deserve a healthy and environmentally conscious snack to complement every braai and ball game.
Rootstock and their community-growers’ initiative emerged out of a vision to encourage a sustainable culture in local communities. It is a way to empower workers from the surrounding farms. Rootstock provides farm workers with sweet potato shoots and the knowledge needed for a bountiful harvest.
Khoisan Sea Salt available at Country Pantry

Our Product – KhoiSan Sea Salt

Khoisan produces a mineral-rich, pure and natural unrefined sea salt which is hand harvested in the traditional manner. Khoisan Trading Company was established in 1994 and is owned and managed by the Schrauwen family.  It all started in 1991 when Yntze Schrauwen, of the Velddrif Salt Works, designed and laid out the pilot scheme for the salt pans. 

The pristine 400-year-old brine is pumped from an underground seawater lake (aquifer) at the Velddrif Salt Works, on the shores of St. Helena Bay, where the sea water filters through beds of sand and shell providing additional calcium.  This pure unpolluted brine has a most distinctive and memorable taste. 

Rooibos Tea available at Country Pantry

Our Product – Biedouw Valley Rooibos Tea

Farm Welbedacht is where the unique Biedouw Valley Rooibos Tea comes from and the farm lies on the North Eastern side of the Cedarberg mountains overlooking the Biedouw Valley. The small family run business was formed in 1997 to produce estate Rooibos Tea and the Van der Merwe family is involved in the production, marketing and distributing of this great product.

Rooibos tea is also well-known to be rich in antioxidants, specifically an enzyme which operates like Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D) which attacks free radicals, reducing their negative consequences.

Our Product – Zest Gourmet Foods

Our Product – Zest Gourmet Foods

Zest Gourmet Foods is a small and dedicated team, who genuinely love authentic and imaginative food, full of flavour. To them, food is all about high quality ingredients which have been sustainable sourced. Jo the owner enjoys using unusual ingredients native to the Cape region and with her new creations inspire both locals and visitors.

Over the years, she and her amazing team have built up a range of products for foodies and chefs alike where flavour, aroma, colour and texture become important components of their range.

Our Product – Marbrin Olive Growers

Our Product – Marbrin Olive Growers

Marbrin Olive Growers is a small family-run boutique olive farm nestled in the renowned Robertson Breede River Valley surrounded by the Langeberg and Riviersonderend Mountains. 

Marbrin Olive Farm uses the freshest olives and latest two-phase decanter technology, cold extraction temperatures and stainless-steel storage tanks to ensure that their olive oil is bursting with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and freshness. 

Our Product – Dolcezze Cheese Straws

Our Product – Dolcezze Cheese Straws

Dolce Foods is home to the well-known Dolcezze Cheese Straws and run buy husband & wife team Anna and Marcello Elisabettini. Their small factory is situated in the little town of Greyton which rests in a valley basin surrounded by mountains and rolling Wheat and Canola fields.
FruitLips - product range

Our Product – FruitLips Jam’s, chutneys & sauces

Liebré Jacobs and her partners Elouise Josephs and Deidré Eigelaar established FruitLips in February 2014 and positioned the business by establishing people, markets, finance, and infrastructure. They saw an opportunity in the market to connect people, fruit, and business in the Piket-Bo-Berg area.

The artisan products of FruitLips are for the refined foodies and “lekkerbekke”. Initiative and new concepts are the drive, creating vibrant new fruit-related products.

Gracious Bakers, product range

Our Product - Gracious Bakers Crackers (Vegan)

Liz and Fran Rautenbach started Gracious Bakers in 2016 due to a lack of quality health products that were available at the time. They are female owned and believe in empowering their employees.

The Tim Noakes “Eat Better South Africa” Foundation have endorsed their products for the exact same reasons as well. They received a golden status after their products were scrutinized by the Eat Better South Africa foundation board. This makes Gracious Bakers a trusted brand, assuring customers that their products are in fact what they claim to be.

Bee Wild Honey

Our Product - Bee Wild Honey

The owner of Bee Wild Honey, Kevin Simpson initially started beekeeping as a hobby. The idea was to establish some hives on their smallholding in the Elandskraal area of Knysna, as a means of generating some income through the sale of honey. He now has more than 170 of his own and other managed hives scattered across Franschhoek, Stanford, Cape Peninsula and the Garden Route.

Bee Wild Honey is available in 3 distinct flavours, namely Wild Blossom, Eucalyptus and Fynbos. When placing your order with us, please use the 'Leave a note with your order' section to request the specific flavour you prefer. Do to the seasonality, we might not always have your desired flavour in stock. 

Our Product - Camphill Village products

Our Product - Camphill Village products

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Our Product - Beaver Creek Coffee, Transkei Gold

Our Product - Beaver Creek Coffee, Transkei Gold

Beaver Creek is situated inland from the coastal town of Port Edward on the far south Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. 

The story of Beaver Creek Coffee - is the story of their family– three generations of coffee growers who have been calling Beaver Creek Estate home. It’s here that the world’s southernmost coffee growing plantation is found and the region lends itself to excellent coffee-growing conditions and one in which their Arabica cultivar flourishes. 

They grow their own South African Coffee (Estate Reserve) and also import from other African countries and from South America.

Over the years they have mastered four different and unique roastery blends which have become very popular.

Pickled Garlic & Herbs in glass Jar.

Our Product - Garlic Products from Ouma Swesie Se Spens

Garlic, your friend – not your enemy!

Garlic, an amazing vegetable is the backbone to Ouma Swesie se Spens. Ouma Swesie se Spens is based in Darling of the Western Cape and was established in 2014. Louise Viljoen’s passion for food came from her mother who, being in the catering industry, shared many memorable moments with her during her childhood.

The Uniqueness of Ouma Swesie se Spens Garlic products is the combination of its ingredients which blends together and becomes a unique product to enjoy as well as a special gift for family and friends.

Our Product - Dukes Coffee & Roastery - Country Pantry

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Adhara EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottle

Our Product - ADHARA EVOO

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